Due to COVID-19, traveling is currently restricted at most locations of Pakistan. There is a possibility that many hotels are unable to update their room availability, if you face any issues in searching your desired hotel or If you have any travel plans or hotel bookings related questions, please reach out at our live chat or email us at info@batoota.pk

Due to COVID-19, traveling is currently restricted at most locations of Pakistan. There is a possibility that many hotels are unable to update their room availability, if you face any issues in searching your desired hotel or If you have any travel plans or hotel bookings related questions, please reach out at our live chat or email us at info@batoota.pk

Privacy Policy

Last updated: April 2019

You don’t want to worry about the whereabouts of your private information when you’re searching for travel inspiration or planning your next adventure or making a booking of your choice. That’s why we’re committed to protecting the personal information you share with us – and why we’ve created this notice. It tells you who we are, the ways we collect your information, what we do with it, and who we share it with.

Who we are?

Batoota Private Limited is based in Karachi, Pakistan. Batoota is a travel media company and aims to become Pakistan’s number one travel guide and booking portal. We show the renowned tourist spots of Pakistan to the world along with the hidden beauties in different parts of Pakistan.

Your information – how we collect it, what we collect, and why

We collect information about you when:

  • you give it to us or one of the companies in our group (for example, when you sign up to receive our emails or create a profile on our website or mobile apps),
  • you post content in our products and services or via our social media accounts, and
  • Sometimes automatically (for example, technical information that transfers when you view our sites or applications on your phone or computer).

We explain each of these in more detail below, but to be clear, Batoota does not, and will not, sell information about you to anyone. We only use your information as set out in this notice and we will only share your information with third parties for commercial purposes such as marketing or promotions if we have your consent to do so; or where we’ve engaged a company outside Batoota to provide a service for us (which might involve them handling your information, but this is only when we have proper safeguards in place); or where we’re obliged by law to share information with authorities

When you give us information

You sometimes give us information like your name, email address, phone number, and/or postal address. You might also give us information about yourself such as your favorite places to go and profile photo as part of creating a profile with Batoota. We use this information to:

  • receive and reply to feedback and queries from you (see our note on feedback below)
  • receive and process orders from our online shop and provide technical support if you’re having trouble receiving your order
  • personalize or improve the way our products and content are presented to you
  • where you specifically ask us to, we’ll send you emails containing travel and product information, third-party offers chosen by us from our commercial, surveys, contests and advertisements. You can unsubscribe any time using the unsubscribe link at the end of all emails.
  • manage our competitions and contact the winners
  • share related information with relevant parties/business partners to serve you better

Except where we are relying on your consent, or fulfilling some aspect of a contract with you (which will include not only purchases and competition entries, but may also include administration of your account or related feedback or queries), we will be processing your data in these ways – including for marketing purposes – because we believe it is in our legitimate interests to do so.

Feedback and errors: Where you contact us to ask for help to resolve an issue on our websites or mobile applications we may ask for your name, your email address and any information you choose to give us as part of servicing your request, including a textural description of your issue, and screenshots of the issue you may be seeing. When you submit your request, we will also automatically collect technical information from your device to assist us to solve your issue - this includes things like the device you’re using, the operating system used by your device, the application version and build number, your battery level, your mobile carrier and what country you’re in. We may also receive information about all the screens you visited before an error appeared and the order in which you visited them. All of this information is only used to assist us solve any bugs that you’re experiencing.

When you post content

We also collect and use personal information contained in photographs and stories that we publish (like faces and other information about people contained in a video or photo, or a story) and that you post to our apps, social media sites, and online forums or send directly to us. This is so we can:

  • allow you to share your experiences with fellow travelers on our websites, mobile applications, and social media sites
  • allow us to manage communications among our community and make sure that posts and messages comply with our community guidelines, plus any terms posted on our websites and mobile applications, or on other sites that we use to interact with you like Facebook or Instagram.

When we receive your information automatically

When you view our sites and applications on your devices, we collect technical information like: the type of device you are using (e.g. phone, computer, other); the version of the operating system running on the device; the version and build of the application being used; anonymous usage statistics and crash reporting data; and unique identifier details for your device such as the IP address (a unique number that identifies your computer whilst accessing the internet), IMEI number (a unique number that identifies your mobile phone), or advertising identifier (unique ID that enables us to show you ads that are targeted to you). However, unique identifiers are anonymised and we do not use this information to identify you as an individual. We consider this necessary either to process and administer your contractual use of our sites and applications, or for our legitimate interests in operating and improving them (including personalizing your user experience). Specifically, we use these details to:

  • display information correctly on your device
  • provide you with location-specific information where you ask us to, such as serving you restaurants and parks near to you, or showing you where you are on a map on Batoota maps (if you want to turn this off, you can go to the “Settings” section of your phone and turn off location services for our apps)
  • show you advertising that we think will be more relevant to you.

This data will only be shared with third parties who assist us to provide these services to you. This data may be cached on your device for short periods of time in order to improve user experience and make our applications and websites more responsive. We also use this automatically gathered information about you to understand how our websites and applications are used by our community and to make sure any technical problems are reported to us. We use Google Analytics to gather and process this data. For details about the information Google Analytics collects and how Google Analytics treats that information please visit their Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Businesses and people that we work with

We may also collect the above sorts of information in relation to businesses we work with and the people who work in them. Again, this falls within our core function as a booking portal, media and publishing organization providing informative content. This is so we can:

  • prepare listings and reviews in our publications. Our writers may collect personal information in the course of gathering material for inclusion in our products - this could include things like the name of an individual who runs a hotel, is a tour operator, or provides transport services.
  • send information about Batoota and our products to our media and other industry contacts
  • deliver products to our clients like advertisers, distributors and retailers.

If you work for Batoota (as an employee or as a freelancer) we keep information about you in the context of that employment or contractual relationship. There are some differences in how we deal with that type of personal information because of the different relationships with our Batoota people nationwide and the different locations that you’re all working in. If you are in this group and want further information on how we deal with information about you, please contact our Human Resources personnel or the person who you report to when you work with us and they will provide you with the privacy notice that applies to you.

Who do we give personal information to?

Batoota share personal information only with our staff and contractors in our different segments. Wherever we give your information to a person or business who is not Batoota’s employee, we only do so for one of the purposes set out in this notice. And we always ensure that we have appropriate safeguards in place (such as agreements setting out our obligations when using your information) before sharing your information in order to ensure that your information is protected.
Where relevant, we might provide your information to businesses and individuals that we engage to assist us to provide our products and services to you (for example, our printers, software developers, travel writers, photographers, and editors). If you make a booking on our online portals using your credit card, we may provide your information to credit card payment processing companies. When we give your information to these businesses and individuals, this may involve transferring your data from one country to another. However, their use of your data will always be limited to acting on our instructions and regulated under a contract that adequately protects your data. International transfers will be subject to one of the lawfully permitted bases to share personal data outside the EEA wherever applicable.

If legal or health and safety issues arise we may also have to make disclosures to relevant organisations (like the police or relevant government departments and regulators) to deal with these matters.

Your use of other people’s information on our services

One of the best things about the Batoota community is that everyone is keen to share their views and experiences with others. We welcome your contributions, but please respect the privacy of others and don’t share their information. If you want to post information about yourself to our sites or applications we'll assume that you understand how our services work and are happy for your information to be shared. If you later decide you’d like your information removed from a site or an application, please let us know. Where reasonable and possible, and subject to considerations of public interest and freedom of expression, we will remove that information at the next practical opportunity. Where it has been included in one of our printed publications, that may be removed in the next reprint or next edition.

Your rights

You have rights in relation to our use of your personal information.

Right to request access– you can ask us what information we hold about you and check that we are complying with the laws that apply to the way we use your information. We won’t charge you a fee for this, unless you ask for excessive information or you repeatedly contact us or you don’t have a proper reason to contact us. If you make repeat requests or we don’t believe you have a proper reason for asking us, we might refuse your request. We might ask you for more information about yourself so that we can make sure you are who you say you are before providing you with any information.

Right to request correction – if you think that we have incorrect or incomplete information about you, you can request that we correct or update it. If we think the information is actually correct, we will tell you why. While we are assessing whether or not the information is incorrect or incomplete we will restrict the information. If we have provided incorrect or incomplete information about you to someone else, we will request that they also update your information following your request.

Right to request deletion (“right to be forgotten”) – in the following situations you have the right to ask us to delete your information:

  • if we no longer need your information for the purpose that we collected it
  • if we asked you for consent to use your information, but you want to withdraw that consent
  • if you object to our use of your personal information and there is no legitimate business interest for us to keep using it
  • where we’re using your information against the law
  • where there is a legal obligation that means your information has to be erased
We aren’t always obliged to delete your information when you request it, but if we don’t think we need to delete your information we will tell you why.

If we are obliged to delete your information and we have provided that information to someone else, we will, where possible, ask them to delete the information.

Right to object to or restrict processing – you have the right to object to us processing your information where we are processing your personal data for reasons of our legitimate interests and that processing is now causing you harm or you believe it is unlawful. When we receive any objection to processing on these grounds, we will generally restrict access to the information you’ve contacted us about while we assess whether our legitimate interests are lawful and override your objection. If we can demonstrate that our lawful reasons override your objection or that we need to keep your information for legal claims, we are allowed to continue to process your personal information. Otherwise we will either restrict processing of your information or stop processing it altogether

Right to transfer of your information – where you have provided information to us with your consent, you have the right to request that we provide your information to you, or to someone else, in a commonly used electronic form. We will not charge you for the transfer of your information unless your request is excessive. Also, we have to protect other people’s personal information which means that we may have to remove some information before transferring your information.

Right to withdraw consent – if we have asked you for your consent to process particular items of your personal information, you are entitled to withdraw that consent at any time. If you wish to do so please send an email to care@batoota.pk explaining which information you are referring to. We will stop processing this particular personal information as soon as possible after receiving your withdrawal. You will not be penalized in any way for withdrawing consent to any processing of your personal information. Alternatively, if you’d like to unsubscribe from one of our emails, you can simply go to the “UNSUBSCRIBE” link in the footer of any email to remove yourself from our list. As stated above, none of these rights are absolute and we may have lawful reasons to continue processing, whether or not linked to our core public interest activity as a booking portal and informative content generator.

Retention of your data

We will only retain your personal data for as long as we have a lawful reason to do so, linked to the purposes set out in this Privacy Notice. This is subject to any reasonable requests by you which will be considered as above.