About Batoota

One might wonder what exactly Batoota is and why it’s been formed.

Well, the story starts with one of our young directors who is a qualified Chartered Accountant and lives abroad having a stable career; seems too boring, right? Surprise, it’s not!!!

In 2018 he went on tour of the Northern Areas of Pakistan with his family. Amazed by the breathtaking beauty and pureness of the environment, he envied the fortune of the locals while having tea with them. That was the moment of realization when he assessed from the feedback of locals that despite having such awesome blessings of the Mother Nature, those fellow brethren are not as satisfied as they should be and need our assistance to improve their living conditions.

Backed with the commitment, he promised that he will do something to promote and bring tourism to the level that a country like Pakistan deserves. He discussed his ideas with everyone and luckily got two companions who are as equally crazy as he is. They all willingly decided to ditch their careers and dared to take this task heads on.

What Batoota Does?

Our aim is to introduce hidden and unexplored jewels of Pakistan to the World and assist tourists especially coming from abroad by providing them relevant information which they will need.
Batoota will operate in four different segments to advancing and completing the travelers’ experience and all will be launched in a phase wise manner for maintaining quality and better execution of work.

  • Developing an interest: Through interesting content such as videos, blogs discussion forums etc. Batoota would generate interest in people to explore Pakistan
  • Converting Interest to Travel plan: By providing different booking options such as Hotels, Tickets, Cars and travel plans we aim to assist travelers to plan their traveling well in advance and conveniently.
  • Organizing Events: We want to treat our travelers with something they won’t forget for the rest of their lives. Batoota would arrange different events such as music nights, food festivals, sporting activities, arts and culture exhibitions to generate activities for the travelers and take back home unforgettable memories
  • Generating Investments for Pakistan: Our ultimate aim is to research, identify, prepare feasibilities and arrange investors for the locations where viable investments can be made. This will not only assist in boosting the Pakistan’s economy but would also result in better facilities for tourists.

Our Vision

Batoota’s vision is to be Pakistan’s top booking website by becoming your best travel buddy and passing benefits to the locals.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote tourism in Pakistan by promoting its places, people and culture and providing quality services to our customers to enhance their traveling experience.